Michaela Gleave

Michaela Gleave is an artist currently based in Sydney, Australia.  Working across a range of media including installation, performance, photography and video,  Michaela’s practice centers on the physicality of perception and the ways in which we understand and engage with the world around us.  Executed as a series of experiments, her often-temporal works question our relationship to space, matter and time, involving natural phenomena and tricks of perception within the context of the systems and structures that shape contemporary existence.

Her recent exhibitions include: ‘Our Frozen Moment’ at Performance Space, Sydney (2012); ‘We Are Made of Stardust‘ as part of Art Futures at the 2012 Hong Kong Art Fair  (2011); ‘Octopus 11: The Matter of Air’ at Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne (2011); ‘A Perfect Day to Chase Tornadoes (White)’ at the Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin (2011); and ‘Primavera 09’ at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (2009).

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