Squing & Oup advocates diversity and dynamism on all fronts of art making. Artists above all, are critical thinkers and the pulse of societal place. We seek artists who catalyze rigorous energy through mindful introspection and cultural mining, who are able to crystallize truths, microshifts, and neoscapes of the mind. Artists whose primary task is identifying clarity and a singular formation of voice.

A snippet of a 2011 Radio Lab piece, “Games,” has playfully lodged in my brain. The steadfast fanatical love that America has for baseball, as reported, is an emotive response that is born from a formulaic reaction of a structured set of rules producing a spectacular multitude of outcomes. We have perfectly categorized the function and condition of baseball into our coded system. We can apply this thinking to any “Other” that produces wonderment—animals, weather, spirituality, etc.. Art. I recall Muriel Barbery’s delicate writing on a cat. Rules: 4 legs, a tail, hates dogs and water. But the perception and the reality of the cat to us is different each time. A moveable work of Art. The timeless and slippery function of Art is always on the move, and the outcomes endless and awesome. We coax, ask, demand, each artist invent, define, break a specific visual code within the larger structure that triggers, informs, and speaks to the perception of their generation.

We value the curiosity, fluidity, reactivity, grit, and foresight it takes to achieve resonance and feature artists who showcase exemplary craftsmanship and visual literacy, depict tension of material and process, and continuously evoke vibrations of mental imagery, emotion, and sensory interaction. Their work has a confined rule set, yet breadth to produce infinite visual solution. We look for ambition and enterprise, artists who embrace a collaborative network, to challenge boundaries and make us chuckle.