Skin Ego

Complete with orifice, organ and envelope, our bodies house microcosms of experience—all subject to unyielding flux, forming a shifting scape of cumulative geography and psychology. The boundary between the internal and external world is a continuous, flexible, regenerating surface, protecting and covering vulnerable machines— our skin.

Mediating every affair in our lives, skin is key to biology, sensory experiences, information gathering, and psychology. Throughout our 6 million year journey,  we have exposed, veiled, decorated, shocked, cleansed, healed and marred our skin—all taking on new roles of social canvas and metaphor. No longer presumable, but personal, skin is a tapestry speaking of our individuality, beckoning us to ponder the meaning of permeable boundaries. We are seeking artwork embodying the skin ego, examining evolution, the politics of emotion, the psychology of touch, exploration, environment and expression.

Please check back for submission dates.