Border Poetics

This exhibit presents theoretical and practical application of works examining the function of “the border” narrative in contemporary visual art. Acting as a floating signifier for a displaced self or identity, the aesthetic representation of the border invokes complex dynamics of context, revealing varying philosophies and perspectives on aesthetic, global, psychological, political, social, and spiritual levels. We have gathered works that challenge and represent this timely narrative with visceral, poignant application and immersion in material, process and craft.

Jay Shinn
Scissor Square. Latex paint with light projection, 96″ x 96″, dimensions variable. 2011

Jessica Stoller
Selfless/Selflesh. Porcelain, china paint, luster, mixed- media, 27″ x 17″ x 27″. 2012

Lars van Dooren
Nicene. Graphite, ink, colored pencil, copper and aluminum leaf on paper and mylar.
Copper leaf on drywall. Formica, wood, and thread. 82 1/2″ x 42″ x 49″. 2012

Amita Bhatt
A Fantastic Collision of The Three Worlds. Selected PanelCharcoal on canvas, 9 x 12 feet. 2010

Ari Tabei
nest-un-settled (aging). Mixed media, dimensions variable. 2010
© 2010 by aricoco. All rights reserved. Photographed by Masako Inose

Alan Reid
The Arrival. Caran d’ache, wood and acrylic on canvas in artist’s frame 121.9 x 182.9 cm / 48 x 72 in. 2012

Charles Clary
Patiflasmic Diffusion. Hand cut paper and acrylic on panel. 4′ x 6′ x 5″. 2011

Michaela Gleave
Alles ist MöglichDocumentation of event: neon light, pine, car battery, inverter.
Location: former ‘dead zone’, Berlin Mitte. Duration: dusk. Photograph: Romy Pocztaruk.
Image courtesy the artist and Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne. 2010

Frank Saliani
Two Pistols. Colored cast porcelain, wood, polymer. 26″ x 21″ x 7″. 2007.